Imperial Treatment from the hand of a Countess

Caterina Bianchi Di Vigny, lawyer and doctor in Criminology, with noble title of Countess of the Italian nobility by paternal family, came to Ibiza in 1999. From that moment she knew that she would adopt the white Isle as 'her motherland'. In love with its nature and sense of freedom, she escaped from the city, gave a radical change to her world and planned her life in Ibiza.

During all these years, she has been devoted to the world of business, she owns a real estate company and what one day was a therapy to share with friends and family, has become one of its strongest fronts, its famous and well-known line of cakes of luxury "Cake Show". That have led her to be the President of the Association of Cake Designers in Spain (ACEs of cakes) currently representing the Balearic Islands.

Caterina Bianchi Di Vigny is the founder of Ibiza Events Imperial Concierge.